Rondo Lapponico (Lappish Rondo)

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The mixed choir version of Rondo Lapponico (Lappish Rondo) is listed as article number 422.

The version for strings makes up the third part of Lapplandia triptyk, which is article number 115.

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string quartet

Gunnar Hahn Writes about Rondo Lapponico (Lappish Rondo)

The Lapps (Samer) are nomads in northern Scandinavia who roam over a wide area with their reindeer herds. The close affinity of their culture to nature is expressed in their traditional song "the jojk" which convincingly declares their kinship with the mountains, rivers, forests and animals and their own tribal feelings. "The jojk" has an irregular measure and can be repeated endlessly.

The Lappish language has a particular rhythm which is similar to the Balkan languages. The measure is thus often 5/8, 7/8 or 9/8 time. However, the allegro section in "Rondo Lapponico" is in 6/8 time, because the text is in Finnish.

Gunnar Hahn´s "Rondo Lapponico" is entirely based on "the jojk", which is dedicated to (1) the wild geese, (2) lake "Rautasjaure", (3) the troll-drum hill "Gåddesbakte", (4) the river "Bleksik", (5) the village of "Allesgetje", (6) the wild geese again, and so on. The Finnish text in the middle section is a song of consolation which says that Our Father has shown us His will; he has called our brother from Earth, because He loved him so much.

The coda is a "jojk" dedicated to the reindeer - the most precious Lapp possession.


Gunnar Hahn, 1994